Upright Piano Movers

upright piano moversUpright piano movers are experts in their field and understand how to move these instruments with ease and confidence. Pianists often choose to move their pianos by professional movers like the ones at https://www.pianomoverorlando.com/ for several reasons. The move can be a stressful time, and carrying an instrument can be even more so. For upright piano owners, moving may mean the breaking or purchasing of expensive tools. However, some steps can make moving your upright more accessible and more affordable.

Do some research on your own to determine how much you can invest in moving your upright piano. Most upright piano movers quote prices based on the type and age of your piano. This is an essential first step, as cheap movers will usually quote a price that does not include any extras such as lifting, dismantling, moving truck, etc. Prices will vary based on how far away the piano is from your home, how complex the moving procedure is, and other factors. Before hiring a piano mover, make sure you have done the proper research on movers and what they offer.

Another way to save money when moving your upright piano is to use a company that provides its customers with a local and experienced driver. Often times, local moving companies provide the equipment and drivers for a cheaper price than moving the instrument yourself. If you have an upcoming special, or perhaps a wedding coming up, consider renting your equipment during the move. This is a great way to keep the cost down while still getting all of your items moved.

Most upright piano movers have special tools for moving pianos, including dollies and ramps. If you are moving across the country, find out if your movers have the same tools you would need. Most upright piano moving companies do have dollies for long distance moving, but you can also rent them if you need them. Renting dollies can save you a lot of money, as most companies charge very little for them.

When it comes to upright piano movers, price is usually not the only factor to take into consideration. Make sure you know exactly how much the move will cost, and don’t be afraid to ask different companies for a quote. It’s also important to note that not all professional piano moving services offer the same types of services. Some specialize in moving residential or commercial pianos, and others only work with residential or commercial movers.

Many upright piano movers use heavy-duty sliding doors with locking casters. Many piano and keyboard movers will use these sliding doors for larger commercial or residential pianos. These types of casters are much more expensive than your typical caster wheel and are typically used on grand pianos or larger upright pianos. If you plan to move your grand, or larger upright piano by yourself, or if you already have a moving company that has the proper equipment for moving large pianos, you may be able to save money by using a locking caster on your grand. Make sure that any moving professionals that are provided with your piano have experience with the specific model of your upright piano.

Upright pianos are typically easier to move than their branded counterparts. The vertical weight balance makes them more stable to move. However, they do tend to be a bit larger than other types of upright piano. Upright pianos are best moved on their sides, so that the weight is distributed over the full length of the instrument, rather than being concentrated on a small area. This prevents the vertical shaft of the piano from twisting during the move, which can cause problems during the transportation.

Professional moving services are equipped to deal with many situations involving larger or heavier pianos. Ask any piano movers that you may be considering using for their moving services about their experience with this type of furniture. They will be able to give you a good idea of what you can expect. In some cases, you may not even need to use the services of professional movers – some upright piano models are so sturdy that you can disassemble it safely yourself. However, there are pros and cons to both, so you should discuss these matters with a moving services company before making your decision.